De Rolrups – A project for Arnhem Presikhaaf to motivate kids to play outside. During the opening of the Project Tussenruimte.The Rolrups was moved by children along a route of art-play-installations in Presikhaaf

The interactive sculpture Babbel offers an invitation to the inhabitants of Arnhem Presikhaaf to join in
conversation with each other; it does this both through its form and function.
The word “babbel”, Dutch for an informal chat, is split into its two syllables “Bab” and “Bel”. These two parts frame the entrance of the local Municipal Center like brackets.
But the sculpture also has an interactive function relating to communication: If you whisper into the focal point of one of the paraboloids you can be audibly heard in the focal point of the opposite paraboloid, which is located 30 meters away.

Video of the Interactive Sculpture BAB|BEL in Arnhem Presikhaf in use. Children talk to each other by speaking into the focus points of the paraboloids. Their conversions are transferred from one part of the sculpture to the other, even if whispered.

blumenveld 1.0 – a socially interactive art installation with Willem van Engen /

Blumenveld 1.0

Windenergy between Art and Industrial Installation
Vertical Windturbines
Künstlerdort Schöppingen

Rollin´- project in progess. renderings and 3D prints

Café Tinnitus – a café with a jumping castle as a roof. Sitting in the café you see the kids jumping through the transparent roof slightly blurred. The light in the café is colored through the differently colored air chambers of the jumping castle. But you better get used to the noise…the project was created in context of a research project for technical university of vienna dealing with the reception of noise.


keks – Multifunktioneller Glühweinstand – an extended version of a “Glühweinstand”. Austrians traditionally drink hot wine
with tea and spices on the streets in the time before christmas. usually these are simple wooden stands. This version
includes a dj cabin, a small stage and a chill out area(better warm up area) next to a oven welded from old oil
barrels.used for the opening of the Museumsquartier Wien, Popkomm Köln, Ars Electronica Linz and foremost at the
Karlsplatz in Vienna.Done at the Technical University of Vienna with Joop van Lieshout, Peter Fattinger and students from
the TU Wien. DJ Cabin with Maik Perfahl and Robert Schwarz.