House F – Design for a home for three generations in the Austrian Alps. The house reacts on the strongly inclined land, a fantastic view towards southeast but also a large, sober agricultural building on the neighbour site blocking the view to the south west.

windmills – a research i did at NL Architects for Atelier Rijksbouwmeester about wind turbines and the relation to the dutch landscape. the series is trying to initiate a paradigm shift in the reception of wind turbines by changing the industrial product accused of littering the horizon(horizont vervuiling) to an integral part of dutch landscape and identity.(the studies had also some serious parts…)

Touwenterrain – A project I worked on at NL Archtitects. Visualisation vs. Build Result

groninger forum – a competition on which I worked at NL Architects. it was the winning project against Zaha Hadid, UN Studio, FOA, and more.

Café Tinnitus – a café with a jumping castle as a roof. Sitting in the café you see the kids jumping through the transparent roof slightly blurred. The light in the café is colored through the differently colored air chambers of the jumping castle. But you better get used to the noise…the project was created in context of a research project for technical university of vienna dealing with the reception of noise.

keks – Multifunktioneller Glühweinstand – an extended version of a “Glühweinstand”. Austrians traditionally drink hot wine
with tea and spices on the streets in the time before christmas. usually these are simple wooden stands. This version
includes a dj cabin, a small stage and a chill out area(better warm up area) next to a oven welded from old oil
barrels.used for the opening of the Museumsquartier Wien, Popkomm Köln, Ars Electronica Linz and foremost at the
Karlsplatz in Vienna.Done at the Technical University of Vienna with Joop van Lieshout, Peter Fattinger and students from
the TU Wien. DJ Cabin with Maik Perfahl and Robert Schwarz.

Waterwonen – a project at NL Architects for Senter Novem. just a picture of a floating housing project on still to create water retention areas to prevent flooding

Skyscraper project at TU Wien

car park wulfpoint – a quite central area of chicago mainly consisting of left over spaces and transportation facilities is transformed into a parking facility with an artificial landscape on top. The landscape is formed out as public park with housing and mixed use in the ridges. with Stephan Ladurner

Wohnwandkirche – In the new testament there are no commandments for the construction of a church building such as for the temple of the old testament in Jerusalem. The focus of the texts is much more on how to live together in a church community which replaces the physical temple.
This becomes concept.
The Church building is a volume formed by functional “walls” based on a text of the bible (Isaiah 58:7). The function is to offer people in need an accommodation.The gathering room for the church community within this enclosure of housing cells plays with the image of a prototypical outline of a church building with tower and gathering hall.